LAYERED cake #003

Creamy layer cakes "take the cake" for the holidays!

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If you don’t know by now, we’re in LOVE with the layering of things.  Layering in cakes, moist and creamy cakes, however we’re also HEAD OVER HEELS in LOVE with layering JEWELRY, sparkling and LUXE jewelry like our LUXE LACE COLLECTION ala!  … Continue reading


SOFT SPACE ROSA by tiziana-melera

Take a soft approach and introduce, incorporate and invigorate with gentle shades of silver, pink, grey and ivory into your home, wardrobe and lifestyle…

Our delicate and feminine Crescent Moon necklace $18 on SALE gives you the soft effect you’ll want all year round.  Available in Silver (as shown ) & Gold @

Delicate and feminine, our Crescent Moon necklace has just the right amount of bling!

Delicate and feminine, our Crescent Moon necklace has just the right amount of bling! $18 on SALE

The ORIGINAL Trèsors De Luxe, baby! XO


Once a vintage suitcase, now a chic and unique seating space!

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When given the opportunity to toss out an old piece of luggage, we might have you ponder on the thought of thinking twice before doing so.  Taking something old and transforming its purpose is liberating, creative and cost-effective!  We LOVE … Continue reading

DIY { Holiday Centerpieces }

Fresh fruit and beautiful foliage gives this centerpiece a rustic feel...

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Let your creativity soar with the endless ideas of how to decorate your holiday table this season.  In additions to the ideas shown above, we LOVE  bowls of fresh fruit, beautiful ornate votive candles AND acorns and pinecones to scatter about! Accessorize your life! Peace, … Continue reading

HOW TO: { Pair Wine & Cheese }

Arrange in small clusters and of course remember to highlight your wine selection...

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It’s that time of year again when spending time with family and friends is at an all time high!  We appreciate the simplicity of entertaining with a few amazing selections of wine and a bevy of finger foods, all which pair … Continue reading

Summer { lounging }

Summer lounging...

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Summer offers up everything we want all on a silver platter…sunshine, surf, sand, and your fair share of icy treats!  Enjoy every minute you can of the long, lazy days of summer.  Investing in a few good beach chairs and … Continue reading

SUMMER Living…

Scarves and outdoor rugs make this a lush outdoor space for lounging…

hanging bed, serence, relaxed, lounge

hanging lounges to melt your worries away…

relaxed and neutral spaces

clean, relaxed neutral spaces…

bathing, outdoors, serene

pebbles surround rectangular stepping stones for outdoor bathing…

outdoor, spacious and vast

feeling the Grecian influence here with white on white…

  With summer literally right around the corner, we thought it would be fun to wet your appetite with some amazing outdoor living spaces!  Here we have the Boho feel with scarves and pillows galore inspired by our Zanzabar Collection all the way to Grecian paradise with white dominating the scene inspired by our Athena Collection !  When you make your house a home with all your own personal touches, you’ll find that there is less of a need to escape from your everyday life. Make your home a retreat with outdoor plants, colorful rugs, large draped scarves with plenty of pillows to create a heavenly space all your own like our dear friend Patricia’s @ !

Feel free to get inspired and create an outdoor paradise in your own backyard!  Your imagination is your playground…go for it and make just the way you like it!


All Hallow’s Eve!

We want to wish you all a very festive Halloween! Please watch out for the low flying witches, we hear they love the sugary treats!

XO ~ Tresors De Luxe

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(images via pottery barn)

Autumn D.I.Y. Ideas!

Day by day, it’s starting to feel a little more like Fall!  The leaves are ever so slowly starting to change, the drug stores are carrying bags of sugared sweet treats for Hallows’ Eve, and pumpkin recipes are popping up everywhere! So in the spirit of Autumn, we wanted to bring you a few D.I.Y. ideas for the home!  They’re easy to do, and we think you’ll be pleased with the results…are you up for the challenge?

Let us know how they turn out!

XO ~ Tresors De Luxe!

Dip miniature apples into melted, buttery caramel and carefully insert a twig into the stem for an adorable mini treat!

Fill candle holders with assorted nut varieties…acorns, walnuts and almonds for a unique candle light display!

Filled quinoa mini pumpkins are festive and add a special touch to your holiday table!

Dried twigs, leaves and bunches of orange, yellow and brown flowers add a special touch to your fireplace mantle!

Carve the inside out of the apple of your choice and fill with hot apple cider ~ a cinnamon stick adds a nice touch when entertaining!

Stencil carved pumpkins! Print out designs that tickle your fancy, carve out designs with the proper tools and you’ll be surprised how charming they look when lit!

Edible Candy Rings! { D.I.Y. }

These colorful and delicious candy rings are perfect for bridal showers or birthdays!

Arent’t these almost too pretty to eat?!?  We had to show you how easy it is to make these sparkly and vibrant candy jewels, and inpress your friends and family!  They’re a great addition to any birthday, holiday or celebration! Now, many of these rings were made by the Escriba bakery in Barcelona, Spain (; to find an American source, e-mail the bakery at But we created some of them — the two pink clusters and the “diamond” solitaires.

To make them yourself, follow these steps!

Rock-Candy Ring

Tools and Supplies

  • Pink or white gumball (each ring uses only half a gumball)
  • Scissors or sharp kitchen knife
  • Hot-glue gun
  • Ring blank with glue-on surface (
  • Dryden & Palmer cherry rock-candy crystals (
  • Multipurpose glue with a fine applicator tip (we used Deco Princess Multi Purpose Glue,

Basic How-To:

1. For each ring, cut a gumball in half with a sharp kitchen knife. Hot-glue the underside of a gumball half to a ring blank, and let the glue set.

2. Place some of the rock-candy crystals in a small, shallow disk. Apply the multipurpose glue to the gumball dome. Press the tacky surface into the rock crystals so some stick to the gumball. Then fill in any gaps by applying glue to the bottoms of crystals and setting them in place.

“Diamond” Solitaire Rings

Tools and Supplies

Basic How-To:

Apply a tiny drop of the glue to the underside of the cake jewel. Adhere it to the cup on the ring blank, and let the glue set.

“Pearl” Ring

Tools and Supplies

  • Light-pink gumball (each ring uses half a gumball)
  • Scissors or sharp kitchen knife
  • Ring blank with glue-on surface (FGR-D, $1.50 each;
  • Hot-glue gun
  • Pink sugar pearls (ours are from Fancy Flours, $6.50;
  • Multipurpose glue with a fine applicator tip (we used Deco Princess Multi Purpose Glue, $7;

Basic How-To

1. For each ring, cut a gumball in half with a sharp knife. Hot-glue the underside of a gumball half to a ring blank, and let the glue set.

2. Apply the multi-purpose glue to a small section on the top of the gumball dome, and adhere sugar pearls, sliding them tightly together. Hold them in place until the glue has mostly set. Repeat the process to cover other sections of the gumball.

We hope you’ll have just as much fun making these beautiful candy treasures as we did!

Luxury Everyone Can Afford! XO Trèsors De Luxe!