Prada Spring 2012

Being that we are passionate about all things FASHION, we wanted to share with you one of our latest INSPIRATIONS…the latest and greatest looks from Prada.  We’re swept away by the vibrant colors, textures, and mixing and matching of fabrics.  Just like we enjoy doing with our jewelery collections, they’re doing it here with an elegant vintage flair… 

Back in the day, it was customary for women to wear proper hats, gloves and skirts that fell below the knee…this look is reminiscent of that time, and we LOVE it! 

Our hats off to the season if it’s going to look anything like this…XO ~ TD


According to our sources and the 50+ Picks for Spring, accessories with movement are what’s happening now! From bangles, cuffs that are free-flowing on the wrist, tear drop and crystal earrings, to bold, rich and deep saturated hues are what we’re talking about.

While the spring collections put forth a lot of interesting ideas each year, we find that only a select, high-fashion few are ultimately worth our investment. So, with that in mind, we pulled together a definitive list of the key items you’ll want in order to be perfectly on point this season.  Case in point…these amazing multicolored crystal earrings by Dries Van Noten! Decadence is back in a big way dolls. 

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P.S. – Follow our TREND section and we’ll bring you updates for the latest and greatest pieces to GLAM up your look!

Dries Van Noten crystal earrings $945

L@@K What We Just Found!

We are loving all the vibrant colors of the season, Tangerine, Coral, Turquoise and NOW, jewel tones are hitting the stage!  We had to show you this new splash of color in Ippolita Rostagno’s Mini Lollipop bracelet @ Neiman Marcus $4,795.   The light-lauding pieces from her palate call upon the colors, spirit and beauty of  Rostagno’s summers spent on the coast of Italy.  We are captivated by the rich hues and her decadent,  edgy feel that can complement any ensemble!
We also are OBSESSED with our “Liz” multicolored crystal cuff  from our “Park Ave.” collection $24.   The brushed gold and playful Citrine, Peridot, and Violet crystals look stunning on, and were a few of Liz Taylors signature colors! She was the ultimate in glamour, and our inspiration for this piece.  We love one on each arm to punctuate any outfit and look utterly stylish!

Mini Lollipop Bracelet, Riviera Sky $4,795.00

Our "Liz" Multicolored crystal cuff $24



Sunset Strip 2012

Sunset Strip 2012

Ileana Makri 18k ring
$7,789 -

Eddie Borgo pave jewelry
$1,095 -

Versace zipper jewelry
€314 -

Alexander McQueen gold jewelry
£150 -

Elena Mirror
$219 -


We are proud to bring to you our latest finds from LA to NYC!  Here’s a preview of our celebrity inspired looks:

Turquoise and Tangerine…the seasons hottest colors!


What a way to start the new season off…turquoise and tangerine is where it’s at!

Not only can you keep right on layering throughout the coming months—so many lightweight outerwear options to love—but you also have your pick from a loot of eye-catching accessories, too. Check out these bright, cheerful, easy-breezy pieces we have @

Like a shot of springtime straight to your wardrobe, it’s one of the quirky, quintessentially, golden-beaded and rhinestone collection pieces we can’t get enough of.

Always Tres Chic @ Tre’sors De Luxe!



One of our daily challenges is to look and feel good about ourselves before we leave the house…atleast it is for us @ Tre’sors De Luxe!  On countless mornings, we are confronted with, “which pair of jeans and which tee-shirt should I wear today.” Jeans and stylish tees are fabulous basics, so we’re not knocking it!  The next question that follows usually is, “Where am I going today and how much effort should I put into what I look like.”  This is where one of my secret weapons comes in! I confidently walk over to the my accessories, carefully organized and sub-catagorised into color, style and trend. I’ll usually find myself selecting a few bangles, one stretch bracelet and a “statement” ring.  I have instantly transformed my simple pair of designer jeans and tee-shirt into a effortless, cool and trendy look. Remember this little trick when you need to jazz up you look in less than 60 seconds! Peace and blessings, Tre’sors De Luxe!