Trèsors De Luxe

Luxe Jewelry Collections ala Trèsors De Luxe Copyright ©2012 The ORIGINAL Trèsors De Luxe!

Luxe Jewelry Collections ala Trèsors De Luxe Copyright ©2012 The ORIGINAL Trèsors De Luxe!

 “Love the earrings, even better than the photos!” Sara Schwartz { Scalloped Lace Earring}

The ORIGINAL Trésors De Luxe, baby!

“Incredible quality for the money!!” Annie Jonas { Kelly Drop Earring }




{ not affiliated with etsy or anyone using our company name ~

we’re an exclusive all luxury fashion jewelry and accessory boutique, xo }

230 thoughts on “Trèsors De Luxe

  1. Your blog is magnificent! I love the tear-drop earnings on the sidebar, and the different dimensions it creates by having some turned to the side.

    Ooo . . . I adore the “Echo” bracelet-cuff. I like my jewelry classically pretty, but I also like it edgy and occasionally a little masculine, too . . .


    • Thank you for the wonderful compliments Cara! You are beyond adorable! We’re so glad you love the edgy look of some of our pieces…one of our inspirations is jewelry designer, Jennifer Fisher. Have you ever heard of her?
      XX ~ Trèsors De Luxe!

    • Thank you! You’re so sweet for saying that 🙂 We can tell how much fun you’re having over at your blog!!! Love the photo of your friends, so cute.
      xx ~ TDL

      P.S. ~ In honor of the grand opening of our online jewelry boutique, May 12th, we’re giving away one of our most popular “Feathers” bracelets, featured on Polyvore, to 3 lucky people! You can enter here on our blog…good luck!!!
      xx ~ TDL

    • Thank you SO much for this kind and thoughtful nomination! You are so sweet and we really, really, really appreciate it. We will graciously accept it xoxo, TDL
      P.S. ~ Burlesquebaker, you’re blog fascinates and mesmerises us!

  2. Hey, tresorsdeluxe, thank you for the “like!” Love, love, love your site! I’ll be back to get some sparkle, but how do I know the size of the bracelets? Really small wrists!! Do you have different sizes or one size fits all? Thx.

    • Why thank you for the compliments…love you’re site as well! Certain bracelets are adjustable, most are one size fits all, and a few are dainty…you’d be fine with any picece (except for the “Indie” bangles), from the “Zanzabar” or “Athena” collection, as they’re all stretch!

      Let us know if you need specific measurements, and we’ll be more than happy to make sure you find the perfect fit!
      xx ~

  3. Gorgeous, cruelty-free jewelry at affordable prices! What’s not to like. I am a fan! Thanks for liking my blog posts. I will be following you for sure!!!!

  4. Hi! Thanks so much for checking out my blog! I love yours too. Such great fashion and jewelry postings. I was wondering if you accept guest posts? If you could e-mail me back, that would be great! ❤ AJ

    • It looks adorable on you!!! We’re so happy you’ve mixed and matched it with your other pieces…this is what we’re all about ~ making it all work together XO ~ Trésors De Luxe

      P.S. ~ Looking forward to next weeks post!!!

  5. Amazing. The accessories are chic and classy. Just this morning I was telling my fiancé that after looking at pictures of his brothers’ wives I observed that they are always so well put together, with jewelries matching their clothes and shoes and impeccable makeup, making them look like true la bella figura. And I got to reach that level. It’s interesting, as an academic discussion, how a single item in your ensemble pulls the whole look together. These photos in this entry look so regal and tasteful. Kudos and more power!

    • You compliments and comments are so appreciated! We love to know others enjoy what we do, and find inspiration through it. With the right accessories, any outfit can look pulled together. You don’t have to spend a lot of money, so that’s why our stylist has selected our 4 collections for you to choose from, mix and match and layer, all at affordable prices! Please let us know if you’d like us to put a few looks together for you, it’s what we do! XO ~ Trèsors De Luxe

    • Olga, thank you so much for the nomination! We will happily and graciously accept it 🙂 We’re getting ready to do another giveaway with today, so once we get that rolling, we’ll get the Kreativ Blogger award in motion. Thank you again SO much! XO ~ TDL!

  6. BEAUTIFUL BRACELETS!!! Thank you for stopping by my blog, I appreciate it very much. Please come back and you can subscribe to my blog. I love your jewelry. Thanks again.

    • Thank you for your sweet compliments, and for taking the time of your day to visit us…we only offer jewelry that is affordable and high quality, thank you for noticing! Have a lovely day, XO!

  7. I think I will add this page to my favorite, I’m practicing to be vegan too 🙂 I was so delighted to learned this is fully vegan and cruelty-free… I’m an animals lover. I have 7 animals living with me, (4cats and 3 dogs) I love animals and I try to save them as much as I can… thanks for liking my blog 🙂

      • Whoa, I didn’t see this comment till now, guess it been pushed down by many comments and likes 😦 but now I see and I see the link, I bookmarked the link 🙂 and dresses are beautiful! Thanks.. being vegan is hardest for me since I have the love for dairy products such as cheese, milk, sour cream and more… I’m also having hard time to resist ground beef for tacos, and hams… Vegans meats are so good but very pricey, out of my budgets range 😦 and it sucks but still working on it

  8. I’m wearing Ralph Lauren’s Kashmir earrings this am & nearly choked when I saw your Madison earrings, great take & way better priced! Had no idea they were inspired by Loree Rodkin’s designs.

    Look forward to learning more about the latest jewellery trends.

    Thanks for following my vintage furniture blog, Montreal Digs!

    -Jennifer at MontrealDigs

    • Hi Jennifer! We offer pieces that are inspired by the coolest fashion and jewelry designers out there, so Loree Rodkin, as you can imagine, was absolutely an inspiration for us! We are so glad you checked us out and hope we can add some “sparkle” to your wardrobe in the near future! P.S. ~ Love your blog!

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  10. Hello,
    Thank you for liking my posts and also following my blog
    I have to say i love your blog. Its exquisite. And i love some of those fine pieces of jewellery too. Looking fwd to seeing more of it.

  11. Thanks for liking my post last week (Bad daughter-in-law award). Shame it’s taken me so long to visit, but loving the eye-candy now that I have. Room makeovers particularly thought-provoking.

  12. thank you for stopping by my blog! im glad you enjoyed some of it.. im excited about your blog! i love fashion! but am terrible about writing about it! cant wait to see more 🙂

  13. I love you blog and stuff.. It is all so pleasing and pretty!! I agree with the others.. It is very aesthetically pleasing.. So glad you stopped by mine so I could find yours.. 😀

    p.s. Thank you so much for liking my posts.. Means a lot especially when starting out.. 🙂

  14. May your life just make beautiful things , the soul remains eternally young and tender , all you desire shall be yours, and just let the tears of joy . Happy new year!

  15. Dear friends!
    I see that you have tried to take contact with me! And to feature me on your site! I’m so honoured over this:) However I’m an extremely shy person and actually don’t like much to be on the Internet so I must decline. Once again friends thank you for thinking about me!


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