One of our daily challenges is to look and feel good about ourselves before we leave the house…atleast it is for us @ Tre’sors De Luxe!  On countless mornings, we are confronted with, “which pair of jeans and which tee-shirt should I wear today.” Jeans and stylish tees are fabulous basics, so we’re not knocking it!  The next question that follows usually is, “Where am I going today and how much effort should I put into what I look like.”  This is where one of my secret weapons comes in! I confidently walk over to the my accessories, carefully organized and sub-catagorised into color, style and trend. I’ll usually find myself selecting a few bangles, one stretch bracelet and a “statement” ring.  I have instantly transformed my simple pair of designer jeans and tee-shirt into a effortless, cool and trendy look. Remember this little trick when you need to jazz up you look in less than 60 seconds! Peace and blessings, Tre’sors De Luxe!

Our beautiful turquoise enamel clover with mixed metal wire set! $30

This delicate and sleek turquoise beaded and brushed gold with rhinestones, stretch bracelet is perfect for layering with our "Joie" wire bangles. $20

2 thoughts on “Inspiration

  1. I keep my accessories in categories by color and style too…looking forward to your style tips and ordering some of your cuff bracelets and rings. I need more gun metal in my wardrobe for date nights with my hubby! Thanks, Stella

    • Thank you Stella! We will officially be launching the grand opening of our store early May 2012! We look forward to “styling you up” with all of our fashion accessory tips and our hand selected pieces…our little luxurious treasures – Tre’sors De Luxe! Join our forum on our website @ for any style tips or questions. XO, Tre’sors Deluxe – Luxury Everyone Can Afford!

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