L@@K What We Just Found!

From time to time, we’re thrown off track when we find something that knocks our socks off (just an expression!), and we wouldn’t be able to sleep at night unless we did the right thing, and share it with YOU!

Here at Tre’sors De Luxe, we appreciate art in many forms, so when we saw Michael Aram’s accessories, not only were we inspired,  we were also instantly in LOVE. The fact that he uses nature to inspire him is one of our reasons for appreciating his work the way we do.

We’ve attached a select few of his amazing pieces so take a look and let us know what you think!

Maybe we LOVE his work because it’s reminiscent of some of what we carry at www.tresorsdeluxe.webs.com  and maybe because he’s Armenian? Or maybe because he’s beyond talented that we couldn’t take it any longer?!?

You’re welcome!

Enchanted Forest Cafe' Table $2,800

Michael Aram - Bark Vase Polished Large $279