We’re O.I.L. (officially in love)

The other day we were strolling along Montana Ave. in Santa Monica, which by the way is one of our FAVORITE streets to stroll for the lastest trends, inspiration and little treasures!  We were instantly lured into a little store that sells primarily, only one thing…bundt cake.  Now let me tell you, we’ve had our fair share of cake, but there was something different with their recipe. We tried a sample of the Vanilla & Red Velvet and were O.I.L! There’s something very unique and luxurious about the texture, taste and mouth feel.

Here’s the link for our fellow cake lovers…http://www.nothingbundtcakes.com/index.php

Your welcome!

P.S. – The Lemon was divine too!

P.S.S. – Let us know which one’s your favorite!


Trends…We LOVE!

In 3 simple words…the double cuff! We love this new look! It’s a way to punctuate an outfit like no other! Since we’re obsessed with fashion,  jewelry, accessories and anything that can serve as a multi-purpose piece, we are compelled to show you how fabulous this look is.

To us, Balmain is like no other designer. So we’ve brought you a few looks from their “Spring 2012 Collection.”  We also HAD to show you the breathtaking detail of the Balmain’s cropped cut out pant…did we tell you??? Hello. It’s exclamation point central!!!

You’re welcome.


Balmain's double cuffs! Spring 2012 Fashion Show

We’re O.I.L! (officially in love)

We love  anything multi-purpose, so we’d like to share this little, luxurious treasure with you.  Tory Burch’s jewerly/makeup case @ Saks Fifth Ave. $65!  It can be used as a jewelry box to keep your special pieces way from moisture and heat, plus it’s so chic.

The multi-purpose element is that it’s also great for cosmetics and easy to clean with a durable outer plastic coating.

Either way it’s adorable & great for travel too!

xxxxxxx, Tre’sors De Luxe Staff

Tory Burch Jewerly-Makeup Case $65 at Saks 5th Ave.

We’re O.I.L (officially in love )

What a way to instantly add a shot of glam into you home!

Is there anything we really need to say other than, we’re oil?!?