Trends…We LOVE!

In 3 simple words…the double cuff! We love this new look! It’s a way to punctuate an outfit like no other! Since we’re obsessed with fashion,  jewelry, accessories and anything that can serve as a multi-purpose piece, we are compelled to show you how fabulous this look is.

To us, Balmain is like no other designer. So we’ve brought you a few looks from their “Spring 2012 Collection.”  We also HAD to show you the breathtaking detail of the Balmain’s cropped cut out pant…did we tell you??? Hello. It’s exclamation point central!!!

You’re welcome.

Balmain's double cuffs! Spring 2012 Fashion Show


3 thoughts on “Trends…We LOVE!

    • Thank you Jaq! We always appreciate compliments like yours, and look forward to bringing more style tips, fashion accessories and inspiration to YOU!
      XO, Tre’sors De Luxe

      P.S. – Your blog is fantastic!

    • Thanks Jaq! We’re glad you’re inspired by our site…there are so many easy fashion tips to keep you looking fabulous all year round, so stay tuned! P.S. – We’re also anxious to see what other fabulous makeup tips you’ve got coming up on your blog! XO, TD

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