L@@K What We Just Found!

As you know by now,  we’re lovers of the CUFF!  Fashion icons who’ve very stylishly worn cuffs throughout the years carry some serious fashion weight. 

A few we should mention: Diana Vreeland who was a legendary editor who wore cuffs on each wrist,  and another was Standard Oil heiress Millicent Rogers who loved them in turquoise, we would assume wearing them as a way to shield herself metaphorically.  Last but not least, let’s not forget Wonder Woman!

These are a few of our newest favorites, including a few of our own!


Alexis Bittar

Trésors De Luxe

Trésors De Luxe



Years ago, a good friend of mine would talk about how comfortable her jeans were.  Personally, I don’t find jeans all that comfortable.  First, there are so many elements that you have to consider: length, button vs. zipper, pocket height, the wash, stitching, fit, and the list goes on.  Don’t get us wrong, we love denim!  It’s an easy solution to many outfits…jeans and a tee-shirt are perfect 5-minute look!.  However, that’s not what this article is about…

We’re here to talk about the most FABULOUS leggings we’ve stumbled across in a very long time.  Of course, we love and live in our leggings (black, grey, brown and any other neutral) you’d be surprised to hear all of the ways we’ve made them work, but that’s another story, and we’ll do that next week!  But, it’s easy to see why these particular leggings have captured our heart!

You may have already guessed, they’re by BALMAIN. 

Here’s to fashion that inspires us & stirs our soul…

You’re welcome!