Our Grand Opening Giveaway!!!

We are thrilled beyond compare to announce the GRAND OPENING of our online jewelry boutique, Trèsors De Luxe! We officially open May 2012 @ www.tresorsdeluxe.com!  We’re anxiously counting down the days to bring you luxurious, fashion-forward, affordable pieces that you can mix & match, and that can add sparkle to your life!

Our celebrity stylist has hand selected each one of our pieces, as she will each season, so we look forward to bringing you the latest and greatest styles out there!

In honor of our GRAND OPENING, we’ll be doing a very special GIVEAWAY!  Since we are serious shoppers, lovers of fashion & luxurious jeweled treasures, we will be giving away one of our “Feathers” bracelets, in either Onyx, Coral or Turquoise to 3 lucky people!  Yes, 3 LUCKY people!!

Our "Feathers" bracelet in Turquoise

Our "Feathers" bracelet in Onyx

Our "Feathers" bracelet in Coral

Giveaway Entry Guidelines:

1. Leave a comment here stating which 2 Collections @  www.tresorsdeluxe.com  best suit your style, and why. (Zanzabar, Park Avenue, Rockin’ Republic or Athena)🙂

2. You must be a follower of this blog and subscribe to Trèsors De Luxe on Facebook. ( If you are not on FB, please be sure to then just follow our blog :))

3. In addition, for every 2 friends you refer to our blog, who subscribe, you’ll be given a second entry into our drawing!

OUR ENTRY DEADLINE IS SATURDAY, MAY 12TH. We will announce the winner the very next day here @ www.tresorsdeluxe.wordpress.com!

The winners will be chosen at random & are limited to only the continental United States, so tell your friends and family!!!

(You will have 36 hours to claim your prize…so check in often!)

Good luck to you!!!

XOXO ~ Trèsors De Luxe! TDL


65 thoughts on “Our Grand Opening Giveaway!!!

  1. Ei belli, I’m unfortunately not in United States..I’m in Europe!!!…anyway I love your collections especially Zanzabar, Park Avenue. The black bracelet with the feather is great!!! baciiii

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  3. I love the feathers bracelet in onyx. It’s so in keeping with my personality. Turquoise one is Gorgeous as well. They play to my love of nature and all things New Age, whilst still being really stylish. Also love the Chloe dress, but am sure it would look better on my daughter-in-law than me😉

    • That’s OK, we’ll make an exception because you are so fabulous and have such great style! You can just let us know which 2 collections are your favorites and why and we’ll go from there🙂

  4. Your jewelry is beautiful! I love the bracelets. My favorite collections are the Park Avenue and Rockin’ Republic. There is a lot in both colletions I would wear.

  5. Oh my how to choose, I love all the collections! I think my personal choice would have to be Zanzabar, those feather bracelets are just so fun!

  6. I love all the collections but I think my faves are Park Avenue and Rockin’ Republic. I love the colors and sophistication of Park Avenue and the funky shapes and textures of Rockin’ Republic.

    • Thank you!!! We’re so excited about launching our site this month🙂 We’ll be send out updates as we count down the days! Your favorite collection is the Rockin’ Republic, fabulous! You are officially entered in our “Grand Opening Giveaway!” Congratulations and good luck!!!
      xx ~ TDL

  7. The best suited collection for me is the Athena and Zanzabar! Athena has the spiritual side of me while the Zanzabar has the peace and natural side of me🙂

  8. I would have to say the Park Avenue Collection is my favorite since i’m such a glamor girl. Rockin’ Republic is great very hip, young and rock and roll. I hope I win I can’t wait.

    • Fabulous🙂 You’re top picks are Park Avenue and Rockin’ Republic, we love them too!!! Congratulations, you are officially entered in our “Grand Opening Giveaway!” Good luck🙂

  9. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Your jewelry is gorgeous! I love the Rockin Republic collection the best… as I love skulls and darker fashion. I especially love the Roxy earrings! They are so pretty! My second favorite would be the Park Avenue collection😀

    • You’re absolutely welcome…you’ve got yourself a fantastic blog there! And thank you for the kind compliments, we adore the edgy feel of mixed-metals, so our stylist went a little “rock & roll!” on us! The “Rockin’ Republic” line is one of our most popular collections, so she knows what she’s doing!

      We’re so excited to tell you that you are now officially entered in our “Grand Opening Giveaway!”
      Congratulations!!! We’ll let you know how the lime cupcakes turn out🙂 xx ~ tdl

  10. Park Ave is the collection that best resonates with my style given that I spend most of the time in a not so casual office. I love the Kayla cross bracelet and all the feather beauties….so hard to pick…

  11. Rockin’ Republic and Zanzabar are the two collections that really intrigue me and catch my eye. Being Goth and having different preferences/interests/different taste in many things including style and being surrounded by many non-open minded shops/stores here in Florida, it makes it quite tedious going out to shop. So shopping online is always the best way to go for, but looking at your collections of “Rockin’ Republic” and “Zanzabar” are two that I can definitely mix in with a ton of daily outfits and a whoel lot more. They are simply beautiful.

    • Fantastic, your top picks are the Zanzabar and Rockin’ Republic collection…we love them too! We’ve never been to
      Florida before, but can understand your dilmemma with limited style selections and options. You can always let us know what specific styles you like, and we can see if we could make those available to you🙂 Just let us know…P.S ~ Congratulations, you are officially entered in our “Grand Opening Giveaway!” Good luck!!!
      xx ~ TDL

  12. The Zanzabar and Park Avenue collections suit my style the most. They are both unique and a little fantastical. I’d feel like a fairy princess with those Feather bracelets. I also love the intricate detailing in the “Joie” bracelet of the Park Avenue collection. I absolutely love them!

  13. My two favorite collections are the Park Avenue for its elegance and Rockin Republic for its edginess. I like how you can wear all of the jewelry with the same outfit, and the accessories themselves set the theme or the mood for the outfit.

    I also follow the blog and on Facebook.

    • Yes, exactly! Also, our stylist has selected pieces that are made to be interchangeable, so it takes the guess work out of the equasion🙂

      You’ve selected Park Avenue and Rockin’ Republic for your 2 top picks, fantastic!!! You are officially entered in our “Grand Opening Giveaway!” Congratulations, and good luck to you!
      xx ~ TDL

  14. Great bracelets!! That would look great with my current arm swag… Too bad I’m in Canada:( Bummer… Hopefully I can enter next time!


  15. Well I just looked at this, and how can I pick a favorite? They are all very beautiful. Can I enter the Grand Opening Giveaway without picking one particular? I went to your website, but unsure how to enter.

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  17. Definitely the Zanzabar collection is my favorite. It is simple and ideal for summer. I can see myself wearing multiple bracelets from this collection as I cruise on the Mediterranean coast of France or Italy. Even Greece. They kind of remind me of Old Greece, charming of Greek Goodness. My sec. fav. is the “Rockin’ Republic” because it is more of an evening type of style. I can see it worn for special occasions on a simple black cocktail dress or a maxi dress. Nice stuff:)

    • Thank you for the vivid imagery! The Zanzabar Collection is meant to be worn in sets and layered, so you’re spot on! Great, your choices are the Zanzabar and Rockin’ Republic collections! Gin you are officially entered in our “Grand Opening Giveaway!” Congratulations!!! Good luck🙂

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