A Dreamy Chocolate Shoppe!

MarieBelle is a fabulous chocolate store in NYC, so we wanted to pass this delicious tidbit along to YOU! Thank you Blue Bergitt!

Blue Bergitt

Valentine’s Day: it’s about love, of course. And for me, also: chocolate. I’ll definitely take a pass on the ubiquitous red, heart-shaped box in favor of something more delectable; something made with as much love and passion as it represents.

Every time I’m in NYC, without fail, I stop in at MarieBelle for a thimble full of her amazing hot chocolate or an artful little frangelico ganache. Inventive flavors, elegant packaging and unique, illustrated designs make her range a go-to gift item in my book.

I first tasted Nunu Chocolates just a couple years ago, while strolling through the Christmas market in NY’s Union Square. One bite of a salted caramel, and I was hooked. They have a charming shop in Brooklyn where you can nibble on a sweet treat while watching these self-taught chocolatiers in the midst of their craft.

Looking for extraordinarily decadent chocolate in liquid form? Try…

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