Keeping It Organized {Minimizing the @#$%!#*!”}

If you’ve ever tried looking for your favorite necklace and have found it tangled into another one of your favorite pieces, you’ve experienced how we feel… @#$%!#*!  Keeping everything in its place takes time and effort, so we always try to minimize the @#$%!#*! in our life by opting for multipurpose pieces such as these!

Hanging clipboards to showcase your fabulous jewelry!

Jewelry displays to keep you organized!

Framed fabric display holders are affordable and easy to do!

Fabric covered jewelry boards with bathroom drawer handles make a fun display for your fashion jewelry!

Cork bottles are fantastic jewelry holders! Glue onto a frame and you’re good to go!

Color coordinated all in a row!

Framed boards & cake displays offer great solutions to keeping your jewels organized!

If we can even help one person minimize the @#$%!#*! we’ve done our job!

Have a luxurious and treasured filled day, Trèsors De Luxe!


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57 thoughts on “Keeping It Organized {Minimizing the @#$%!#*!”}

  1. What great ideas! I’ve been having to disentangle my necklaces quite a bit lately, which can be frustrating, but these ideas are pretty and functional; I especially love the corks and the picture frames. Thanks for sharing and for stopping by my site! 🙂

  2. Great ideas! My jewelry is always tangled and ensues a great deal of frustration for me each morning! My favorites are the framed fabric boards, the corks, and the bathroom drawer pulls!

  3. Beauty lifts the spirit. These are spirit-lifting wonders that are wonderfully functional! Thanks for stopping by yesterday and “liking.”

  4. I have forwarded you the Liebster Blog award, I know you have way more than 200 subscribers, but I do enjoy following your blog and the great pieces you show. Thank you

    • Thank you so much!!! We appreciate your kind gesture, and will accept this lovely award. Have a fantastic weekend, and most importantly, take time to smell the roses xo! Trèsors De Luxe!

  5. I so enjoy all your posts but this one especially has me jumping in my seat! Yes! I can do that! Thank you kindly for these brilliant ideas you’ve shared. Cheers!

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