Our Newest Rings ~ Available Now!!!

 Our Newest Rings ~ Available Now!!!
All the rings seen here are available on our online boutique! ($15-$42)
(the “earrings” and “necklace” are an artistic interpertation…they’re all rings)

Our “Alexandria” ring! Charcoal and crystals decorate this armor knuckle ring! $32 available @ http://www.tresorsdeluxe.com (click photo to view)

10 thoughts on “Our Newest Rings ~ Available Now!!!

  1. Hi.
    I want to purchase 1 pair of earrings as on piture above! How shall I do?
    Have scanned the site but did not find the answer. Perhaps you might give me a hand?

    All the best,

    • The “earrings” are 2 rings placed together as an abstract ad. They’re are all rings, sorry! We’ll see if we can find a pair like this for you, and we’ll contact you if our buyer can get them for us XO!

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