“If You Can Dream It, You Can Achieve It!”

What holds us back from our dreams? Whether it be achieving amazing health, a loving relationship, financial security or a dream vacation…it is all possible whether we know it or not! Could it be fear of the unknown?  Fears of success? Or maybe even not fully believing that it could happen to you.  Today is a brand new day…what’s in the past shall remain there.  metaphorically, let’s unzip ourselves out of the “story” we tell ourselves, and leave it behind.  When we make a decision to do so, miracles are possible around every corner we turn.

MAKE “IT” HAPPEN. You’re worth it…

Have an amazing day friends!

    Trésors De Luxe

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12 thoughts on ““If You Can Dream It, You Can Achieve It!”

  1. We have to train our minds to think positively and override pessimism, we are our own worst enemy most of the times, and tell our own selves ‘No you can’t, it will fail, no one will like it, or whats the point?’ This is the fear of failure and criticism creeping up in us and it is something that a lot of humanity just can’t help. However we do have everything we need to succeed inside of us, no one else can give us the key and no one else can change us – although they can be stimuli to provoke thought provoking change. We need start by making ourselves a reflection of optimism, weeding out the bad thoughts, replacing them with positive affirmations daily. Just like the gardener sifts out the weeds and prunes the good flowers, going along he plants fresh seeds also. He never waters weeds and never leaves them long enough for them to overtake what is beautiful in the garden, the flowers and the new seeds. We can start by waking up every morning and going to sleep every night (and many times during the day) by reading a great affirmation that relates to us, or that helps us in some way. An affirmation that you can use to replace any negativity that you may feel at any given time. A good one I like to use is:

    “Day by Day in every way I am becoming more Successful”

    You are probably wondering why I wrote so much – I like how you’ve addressed this topic lightly, it is a topic I care much about and research and read on it quite a lot. I am not by nature a go – getter and a huge optimist, but I trained my mind to be and it has changed my life.

    Great post Tresor Deluxe… LA x

    • Thank you for your thoughts…you’ve got the right attitude and outlook! Nothing comes from worrying, negative thinking or playing victim. You’re research and hard work has paid off ~ Congratulations! XO

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