The Return of Kitten Heels

The return of kitten heels
In fashion, what was once old somehow always finds a way to reinvent itself and return again!  Kitten heels have resurfaced in a BIG way and we’re all for this returning trend!  We love the comfort, versatility and look they offer and now they’re available in so many amazing colors and styles!  We hope you’ll find inspiration from this trend and find a way to make it work for you!
Pair your favorite outfit, a few new accessories and a pair of kitten heels and you’ve created an entirely new look!  Our sleek hammered topaz bangle bracelet offers all the arm candy you’ll need to complete this look!  We love them in sets of 3 or paired with other fun gold and gun metal pieces!
Our newest Trina bracelet in gunmetal and Topaz stones! $38

Our newest Trina bracelet in gunmetal and Topaz stones! $38

19 thoughts on “The Return of Kitten Heels

    • Exactly, great point! Walking in the 5″ – 6″ heels takes skill, patience and determination…these kittens are a more graceful and comfortable alternative! 😀 So glad you’re getting on the Kitten Heel train with us! XO

    • Thanks Joy! We’re in love with it too! We love the old world feel and antique quality to it. Click on the image and it’ll take you to all the details. Everything we carry is mix and match, so it’s all designed to give you more for your money XO! Have a treasure filled day sweetie!

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