Coffee { House }

little tables at this local cafe!

little tables at this local cafe!

dark, secluded and quiet...

dark, secluded and quiet…

original vintage architecture in a cozy setting...

original vintage architecture in a cozy setting…

cozy, quaint and charming!

cozy, quaint and charming!

Most of us start our day off with a cup of our favorite caffeinated beverage…whether it be dark roasted, earl grey, ice blended or lightly whisked, we simply need what we need to get our day started off right!  Many of us like to enjoy this time of day in bed, or in front of the tv, and some of us would rather get up early, head out and find your local corner coffee-house, plug-in the laptop and settle in.  Here are a few local hangouts that do just that…

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14 thoughts on “Coffee { House }

  1. The coffee house is practically a scared place, as it’s home to the near-religious ritual of the consumption of our favorite morning beverage.

    When choosing a favorite coffee house, which is more important; the ambiance and locale (as in fellow clientele…) or the coffee itself?

    • Thank you sweetie! It really is cozy and a place that you can linger for hours over hot, organic, amazing coffee…can’t you just hear the fresh roasted beans being ground in the background?!? Have a glorious weekend and keep on keeping on! XO

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    • Thank you so much sweetie! That’s so kind and thoughtful of YOU! We graciously accept this kind gesture and feel so grateful for incredible people like you! Please don’t take it personally if we cannot follow the exact protocol, but just know that we are humbled by your graciousness! ♥♥♥…

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