Artistic Eggs!

Ukranian Easter eggs!

Ukrainian Easter eggs!

Indigo blues...

Indigo blues…

hand painted and SO ornate!

hand painted and SO ornate!

charming Easter eggs!

charming Easter eggs!

These painstakingly delicate hand painted eggs are some of the most breathtaking we’ve seen and are tradition all around the world!  We hope you enjoy and find inspiration when you sit down to decorate yours!

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Magical and Mysterious METALICS!

Trina metallic and semi-precious Topaz bangle! $38

Metallic and semi-precious Topaz! Only $38 Available in limited quantities

Metallics and lace!

Metallics and lace!

More metalics and layers of style!

More metallics and layers of style!

Who doesn’t LOVE a little sparkle!?!  Well, we sure do and know how amazing a little shimmer of the right kind of metallic can make you FEEL!  It’s all about taking baby steps! Build your look up by beginning with a STARTER piece like our “Trina” gun-metal and semi-precious Topaz bangle $38!  It’s timeless with an Old World feel and will capture the attention of many envious on lookers for a fraction of what department stores charge, trust us!!! Start with “Trina” and little by little add other fun beaded or golden pieces to make your arm glitter like rock candy…yum!

Enjoy your day and find a way to sparkle! XO, Tresors De Luxe

Bohemian Raphsody

Roberrto Cavalli: Boho is affluent in his Spring/Summer collection this year!

Roberto Cavalli: Boho is affluent in his Spring/Summer collection this year!

Details a plenty done in all soft neutrals...

Details a plenty done in all soft neutrals…

If you’re a lover of Roberto Cavalli’s dramatic flair, then you might just fall in love with these Boho / Native American influenced pieces from his newest Spring / Summer collection!

There is painstaking attention to detail as each panel of fabric is cross woven together on top of the inlays, tassels and beading…

We love this look with simple silver crescent accented pieces or  silver wired stacked rings available at our online jewelry boutique!

Our newest addition to the ZanzaBAR Collection! "Cresent Moon" $24!

Our newest addition to the ZanzaBAR Collection! “Cresent Moon” $24! on SALE $16 (available in gold or silver)


{Breathe in Zen}

breathe in, breath out, repeat...

breathe in, breathe out, repeat…

Ever notice when you’re in a bad mood, feeling resentful, irritated, feeling scattered and stressed, that you feel like you have less to offer yourself and others? When this happens, our breathing becomes shallow, blood races through your veins at abnormal speeds and your body goes in to fight or flight mode.  One way to remedy this is to slow down and take a deep breath in, exhale your breath, and repeat.  When we find we can be more gentle with ourselves, take time to slow down, we remember what’s important to us!  Take a walk out in nature, feel the grass under your bare feet and breathe in life.  Once you’ve found your breath, look around and see how miraculous life is and how lucky we are to be living in a world with so much possibility.  Fall in love with your life and you’ll be happier, healthier and more at peace.

Our Zen Meditation bracelets are another way to use nature to your advantage.  They are made with semi-precious stones, crystals and are stretch so they’re one size fits all! They’re all available at our online jewelry boutique at

Namaste beaded bracelet in Onyx and crystals $28

Namaste beaded bracelet in Onyx and crystals $28

Namaste' semi-precious stone and crystal necklace $38

Ohm semi-precious stone and crystal necklace $38

Ohm beaded bracelet in semi-precious stones and crystals $34

Ohm beaded bracelet in semi-precious stones and crystals $34

rings, blings and other things…

rings and bling...aromor, semi-precious and a mix and match of sorts!

rings and bling…armour rings, semi-precious pieces and a mix and match of sorts!

We’re going to venture out and guess that by now, you have acquired a pretty nice selection of accessories ranging anywhere from: fun RINGS you had to have, BRACELETS that caught your eye and NECKLACES that we’re so FAB that you were not leaving the store without them! The question we’re asking is how have you managed to pair them together to make “it” all work together?  Our stylist, LORI, is a big fan on mixing and matching silver and gold, gun-metal with bronze and crystals with diamonds and always adding one piece before you leave the house, just for the UNEXPECTED added touch!  So, it’s not surprising to see why her celebrity clients always walk away look fabulous, and always come back for more!

XO, Tresors De Luxe (take a look!)

P.S. Here are a few examples of some ULTRA CHIC looks that have her clients clamoring for seconds…

make a statement with armour rings...

make a statement with armour rings…

edgy, flamboyant and amazing...

edgy, flamboyant and amazing…

layers of evil eyes, chains and odd and end pieces all come together!

layers of evil eyes, chains and odd and end pieces all come together!

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Angels Among US…

Have you ever felt stuck in life? Like everything and anything you did just seemed to lay dormant, as though a layer of dust had formed over “it” with no hope in sight?  If you have, then you dear friend have experienced what it’s like to be human and living in a modern, yet chaotic world.  Sometimes getting back to the basics can help amend a troubled situation and elevate the distress you feel.  Here are a few exquisite images that might lift the pressure off your heart and help you to see the world is still an amazing place, full of hope, possibility and angels…all around and among us.  Be sure to find a little time today to nurture yourself, if not today then when, if not you then who?

XO (where style and affordability meet their match!)

angel images

For centuries, angels have been depicted in architecture, art and books…


Graceful arm and hand gestures are skillfully crafted out of marble and concrete…


Angel’s wing spans vary by artist and time period, nevertheless they are always documented and an integral part of their essence…