Angels Among US…

Have you ever felt stuck in life? Like everything and anything you did just seemed to lay dormant, as though a layer of dust had formed over “it” with no hope in sight?  If you have, then you dear friend have experienced what it’s like to be human and living in a modern, yet chaotic world.  Sometimes getting back to the basics can help amend a troubled situation and elevate the distress you feel.  Here are a few exquisite images that might lift the pressure off your heart and help you to see the world is still an amazing place, full of hope, possibility and angels…all around and among us.  Be sure to find a little time today to nurture yourself, if not today then when, if not you then who?

XO (where style and affordability meet their match!)

angel images

For centuries, angels have been depicted in architecture, art and books…


Graceful arm and hand gestures are skillfully crafted out of marble and concrete…


Angel’s wing spans vary by artist and time period, nevertheless they are always documented and an integral part of their essence…


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