4 Tips To ORGANIZE Your Life!

Everything has its place...

Everything has its place…

Lay out your pieces to see what you have...

Lay out your pieces to see what you have…

A space for everything you need...

A space for everything you need…

All lined up like little shoe soldiers!

All lined up like little shoe soldiers!

What better time to get organized than Spring?!?  So lets step back away from the clutter and refocus on what needs to stay and what needs to go!  If your budget allows, you may want to hire a professional organizer to revamp your closest, office space or any area that needs a new vision!  For those who don’t feel they need to spend money to do that, we’ve combined a few tips that just might make your life a little more organized!

1.)  Choose One Room And Start There! 

Take one drawer, one cabinet, or one pile of papers per day. You’ll  have a sense of accomplishment with little effort and still be making progress!

2.)  Sort Things By Functionality!

Put tea cups near the tea pot, the mirror near the jewelry and mail on your desk. Don’t just straighten papers that are lying around. Put them where they belong: keep it or trash it!

3.) Organizing Means Eliminating!

If you don’t like the way you look in certain clothes, out they should go! If  you can’t decide, put them aside for six month and then choose whether to keep them, toss them, or donate them to charity…remember: quality vs. quantity!

4.) Take Back Control!

We can get overwhelmed when things pile up, so create a time slot every day to spend a few minutes organizing. Your papers, your thoughts, your mail all need to be dealt with on a daily basis. This tip will help you gain momentum in other areas of your life too!

Try these helpful tips and you’ll soon be on your way to living clutter free!

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13 thoughts on “4 Tips To ORGANIZE Your Life!

    • Patricia, you’re already ahead of the “organization game!” Love that you’ve donated your FAB magazines to share the inspiration and are paying it forward! Big love, TDL!

  1. Love this post and the photos. The 6 month rule for clothing, shoes, etc. is one of my favorites. It’s so easy to say, “I might need to wear that one day” and suddenly my closet is full of things I haven’t touched in ages. I completely agree with the one room at a time tip too. I’m going to keep that one in mind.

    • Thank you SO much Iris! We love to hear what you think and how you might be inspired by some of what you’ve seen here! It truly is easy to hold onto items, things, clutter etc. that we just don’t need…sort of like bad habits or behaviors that don’t work anymore! So happy you’ve found us and hope to see you again soon! 😀 xx

  2. You have inspired me to organize and beautify my basement, which is the room that needs it the most now. Thanks for the inspiration! 🙂

    • Hi Karen! That’s such great news! Not only will you be clearing out the excess stuff in your basement, but you’ll also find that you’ve created a new flow of energy in that space. Would love to hear how it goes XO!

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