MOD Prints!

mod dress mod jacket mod pant mod pants mod pant2

This bold and MOD print is a unique look that some may shy away from, but it’s in-your-face graphic print make for a retro feel that so many love and adore! It’s authentically dudish-rocker-chic for the girl who wants the real rock and roll fit. Low rise waistlines makes the bum look ditty while the super long leg makes the legs look super long!  Wear this look as shown or make it your own!

Have you looked deep into your closet for retro pieces that could be styled to look current? Consignment stores and flea markets are great places to find vintage bold prints like this one! We love the bold look with a neutral and solid top or pant.

Find your inner Cher and give the MOD look a try!

xo ~ Trèsors De Luxe!

images via pintrest.

2 thoughts on “MOD Prints!

  1. Large pattern pants are great and fun to wear, I just bought a pair myself in a crazy pattern, but geez the size of the bottom grows exponentially without any efforts !!!

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