Your Thoughts Make It So.

Beauty is abundant and all around us...

Beauty is abundant and all around us if you dare to really look…

We live in a lawful universe. There are laws governing all aspects of our lives.  In recognition of law, we must become aware that whatever is happening to us, at any given time, is an effect of our use of the law.  The Law we’re talking about is the Law of Attraction.  Essentially, we attract to us all of the circumstances and/ or situations corresponding to our feeling, thinking and speaking.  Nothing happens to us unless it first happens through us. The people in our world and the events taking place have all been drawn into our life.

When the dawn breaks forth within each individual that they are both the actor, writer and director of their experience, a new day presents itself for design and direction.  How would you like the day to unfold? Desire is wonderful, but there must be a corresponding change in consciousness to have different results.  When we change our thought we will change our experience. Holding thoughts of past hurts and resentments keep them current, and thus: keep the negative patters alive and well.

We want to wipe the slate clean and set a whole new chain of events taking place in our lives.  The definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results.  Removing limiting beliefs with concepts of peace, power and plenty will change all aspects of condition.

When we drop out of “isn’t it awful” discussions, and resign our membership in the pity parties, life takes a dramatic change for the better.  Keeping aware of your thoughts and feelings allow for you to maintain a positive outlook and what follows is a complete change of promise.  Doors will open that have been previously closed before.  Opportunities beyond previous limited beliefs, will bring with them the people, places and things needed to carry them out.

Changing your mind will change conditions. Changing the words you utilize can change the outcomes of events.  The key word here is change. Changing belief and activities attracts that which corresponds to your new belief.  Start today to attract only that which you want in your life.  The limiting past has no power except that which you give it, by giving it attention.  Starve it out by staying focused on only that which you desire.  Lack, loss and limitation can pass into their native nothingness as you open up new channels of life and love.

Thank you Rev., Dr. Walt Sharer for your wisdom and insight and words!


Trésors De Luxe

 { Live. Love. Jewels. }

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