TREND: Authentic CHIC. Authentically YOU.


images via j.crew

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When it comes to style, fit and fabric, only you know what YOU feel best in.  We love, love, love when any 1 of 3 things happen:

1.) An article of clothing cut from yards and yards of fabric, fits like a glove!

2.) You find a piece of clothing or jewelry that speaks to you, we’ll get more into that on another post, but it’s basically when you connect an item and it jumps off the rack or page, knowing it’s meant to be in yours!


 3.) You feel “AUTHENTICALLY YOU” when you slip that dress, shirt or bracelet on your body and it’s the missing piece to that day’s puzzle!

Right?!?  We know because we’ve been there on all three accounts! Can we get an AMEN?!? Seriously, it’s about connecting the dots and finding pieces that make you feel your best.  Again, only you know what makes you feel amazing, but we wanted to share a few looks that might be what you never knew, you always wanted to wear! It’s a roundabout way of expanding your horizons to finding the right looks for you, wonderful and amazing YOU. These adorable outfits are furnished by J. Crew!

We believe accessories are the freshly whipped cream, bright red Maraschino cherry and buttery chopped nuts on top of the sundae, so explore our treasure box boutique @ for all your “toppings!”


 Trésors De Luxe

{ Live. Love. Jewels. }

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