a layered chocolate ~ cherry masterpiece...

a layered chocolate ~ cherry masterpiece…

layered butter cake from the heavens! XO

cake, frosting, cake, frosting, cake frosting…

layered butter cake...

layered butter cake as light as a feather! XO

As if a basic sheet cake wasn’t hard enough to resist, now they had to go ahead a layer it! How in the world are we expected to resist THIS?!?  Gluten free it is not, but let’s face it,  once in a while you’ve got to live a little, are we right or are we right?!?  Seriously now, there are enough layers here to satisfy any palate. Blanketed in moist, fluffy and sugary goodness, these treats might just be able to fix anything that ails your spirit! So pick up your fork and toast to life, love and all that is good!

Live your life in GRATITUDE and miracles will appear all around you, and if your lucky, a large slice of layer cake just might be right around the corner!

XO ~ Trèsors De Luxe

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8 thoughts on “{ LAYERED }

  1. OMG delicious! I think the diet will have to go on pause while I go and bake up a storm! Great post! Check out my latest post if you like, it would be greatly appreciated! X

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