Inspiration: CHER



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1.5 CARATS OF LOVE! Available at

Classic Cher!

Classic Cher!

Our Jostlin two-tone Maltese cross necklace $45

Our Jostlin two-tone Maltese cross necklace $45



Over the course of her career, Cher has inspired so many with her multitude of talents, beauty and wit. Her timeless and often revolving image makes us fall in love with her spunk and never-ending vision. Our October Spotlight Items are dedicated to her and all that she has contributed to fashion, music and the silver screen!  Our filigree white sapphire ring with over 1.50 carats of bling is a timeless piece that reflects the best of all that is around you. She is a devout lover of the Maltese cross as we are, so our Jostlin Maltese cross layer necklace can be worn a multitude of ways, it transforms again and again, giving you many looks!

Get inspired and find what makes you shine…go ahead, YOU deserve it!

Peace, love and jewelry, Trésors De Luxe

The Original Trèsors De Luxe, baby!


4 thoughts on “Inspiration: CHER

  1. Are you kidding with this??!! I LOVE that you Cher-inspired us. She truly is the embodiment of individuality, style, sass, pioneer, and the list goes on and on. She never gave a bleep what others thought and broke barrier after barrier. Plus she’s Armenian, (well, half), Snap! Gorgeous. I knew her…., and boy she is the same person off camera as she is on. GENUINE. FABULOUS.

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