Super Bowl 2014: Looks to Wear on Game Day!

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Look sporty chic & feel super comfy in these bright and flirty looks for game day! Take in the inspiration and make your Super Bowl 2014 outfit shine on you!  We love the coziness of a sweater and denim with a fab bag to … Continue reading

{embellish} ala Trésors De Luxe…

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“Embellish and adorn your world as you see fit!”  Trésors De Luxe We’re proud of our 5 star reviews all across the board! Follow us on SOCIAL MEDIA for exclusive sales, giveaways and upcoming offers! http://www.facebook.tresors.deluxe reading

Trésors De Luxe STYLE SECRET #001

so chic! mixing and matching of sorts!

mixing and matching of metals…oh my!

Want to know a tried and tested Trésors De Luxe style secret?  We found a way to LOOK HOT just by doing a few simple things…STACKING & MIXING!  Now, we’re not talking about just any ordinary type of stacking or mixing of bracelets! We’re talking about high-end pieces that look like you spend a fortune, and that’s what we’re all about! Let’s start things off with our crystal Indie bracelet set in either GOLD or SILVER ($24).  The set of 3 bangles can be worn together or individually.  The basic look alone is super cute and you’ve got to love the sound they make when worn together!  However, one of our favorite little fashion styling secrets is to play on the juxtaposition and add in a bold piece to mix up the look.  Not only adding in a stronger piece, but by looking at the character of the piece itself. The ECHO cuff in gun-metal and clear crystals is an edgy and cool statement piece, but paired with this look it quickly transforms into a unique, free-spirited and chic Trésors De Luxe ensemble!  The mixing and matching of metals is SO essential, it is what’s HOT & NOW, so go ahead and get stacking and mixing now at our exclusive LUXE jewelry boutique!

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An Old World feel with a Zen inspired touch! All available at


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The glistening and golden HAMSA.  This incredibly symbolic, open handed symbol refers to protection, goodness, abundance, fertility, luck and good health. Hamsa is an icon used by man as a defense, in his struggle against the forces of  evil, now who couldn’t use a little … Continue reading


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GYSPY Gun-Metal ring $24 &  CRESCENT MOON necklace ON SALE $18, both available at Trésors De Luxe {A JEWELRY BOUTIQUE} Save up to 75% off retail! Trèsors De Luxe’s SOCIAL MEDIA:  OUR JEWELRY GIFT SHOP! Our Lifestyle & Fashion BLOG! Our Boutique BLOG! PINTREST! reading