The height of jewelry organization...

The height of jewelry organization…

Sleek and clean spaces to store your BLING...

Sleek and clean spaces to store your BADA ~BLING, BADA BANG!

Drawers and drawers of accessories...

Drawers and drawers of accessories…oh my!

Everything in it's ideal place...ahhh!

Everything in it’s ideal place…ahhh!

Now this is our kind of "fantasy island!"

Now this is our kind of “fantasy island!”

Yes, yes, we know…we are just as overwhelmed as you are. These incredibly styled and organized jewelry “closets” are in a single word… BREATHTAKING! As you look through these thoughtfully designed and organized jewelry storage areas, do you find yourself thinking, “How in the bleep did they find the time to do this?!?”  If that thought entered your mind, you, dear friend are not alone.  We all know how tight our schedules are, especially if you live in any fast paced city with kids, a job and a social life, it’s even more time constraining! Our philosophy is this: When something is important enough, you will make the time.  As lovers and collectors of fashion accessories, we understand this and have devoted a ridiculous amount of time styling some of the hottest & exotic actress’ in Hollywood!  We love what we do and will always find a way to celebrate and honor our craft!  We sincerely hope you enjoy these inspired organizing ideas and find a way to incorporate one or more into your life.

You CAN do it!

Peace, blessing and  LUXE JEWELRY!

XO ~ Trésors De Luxe

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The ORIGINAL Trèsors De Luxe, baby!

images via pintrest &  elle home


One thought on “ORGANIZE This!

  1. This is truly heaven! One time, while remodeling a home, my client and I went through closets to get rid of things. She had many lowboy jewelry cases. She asked me to open them and choose any jewelry I wanted. She had a treasure of custom-made jewelry, some real eccentric and original vintage pieces I still wear.

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