Let’s hear it for Spring! We’ve officially entered into one of the most ENCHANTED times of the year.  The flowers blossom and bloom, butterflies leave their cocoons and spread their new found wings, cascading sunlight softly warms your skin and the delicate breezes caress your skin.  So, what better way to enjoy this time of year other than to spend it outdoors along a hammock! What’s SO great about these portable lounges is that you can place them where ever you go and with care, they’re built to last! That’s what we LOVE about our newest pieces at Trèsors De Luxe http://www.tresorsdeluxe.com, they’re fun, affordable and effortlessly chic!



Swing into Spring!

Swing into Spring!

Swing into Spring!

Swing into Spring!

We dig the feeling of gentle, swaying movement from these macramé and nature inspired fabric hammocks, so let’s swing together into Spring and add a little sparkle to your look while your at it! Luckily, you can shop from any mobile device since we’re conveniently located online at http://www.tresorsdeluxe.com { Check our new look and LUXE fashion accessories and embellishments! }



{ not affiliated with etsy or anyone using our name, we’re exclusively a luxe jewelry and accessory boutique, xo }

The ORIGINAL & AUTHENTIC Trèsors De Luxe, baby!

images via www.tresorsdeluxe.com & pintrest & sacramentostree.com

2 thoughts on “{ SWING Into SPRING }

  1. Lovely post. I can just feel the soft, warm breeze, the scent of the blossoms and the gentle sway of the hammock.

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