Alluring ARMOR.

: a defensive covering for the body; especially :  covering (as of metal) 
:  a quality or circumstance that affords protection <the armor of prosperity>
:  a protective outer layer
As the true definition goes, the word armor is a protector of sorts. Just like the way one can create protective spaces around them by distancing themselves from certain people, places or things, a unique and special piece of jewelry can accomplish the same goal!  Have you ever felt a special connection to a bracelet or ring that make you feel more self-assured, confident or basically happy?  If you have, we are right there with you.  There may be no rhyme or reason to it, but jewelry does have that ability! Our chic & blingy TRESOR Idol Ring does just that and at just $24!
TRESOR Idol Ring $24! Armor extraordinaire...

TRESOR Idol Ring $24! Armor extraordinaire…

Edgy & chic Heidi Klum...

Edgy & chic Heidi Klum…

bracelet cuffs, armor pieces and more...

Cuff bracelets, armor rings and true statement pieces…

Gypsy lace armor ring $24

Gypsy lace armor ring $24 {other piece featured available soon…}

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images via  Trèsors De Luxe & Pintrest 😀 

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