Accentuate The POSITIVE!

OK, so one of the most essential style tips to remember is to always ACCENTUATE THE POSITIVE! Focusing on the good rather than the “not so good” { in any area of your life } can only improve matters, right!?!  Let’s face it, it’s taking life by the reins and charging forward even if you’ve put on a few pounds,  are stuck in traffic or just spilled red wine on your FAVORITE white dress is coming from a place of YES! And who doesn’t want to come from a place of YES?!? So, looking at the glass as half full rather than half empty is a gift only you can give yourself.

Accentuating the positive everyday is a choice, one we happen to LOVE! So we’ve found a few STYLE TIPS that might just make this a little easier to do:

1.) Find at least one statement necklace and wear it! We’re head over heels with our newest Tiffany Bubble necklace $39 in Ivory or Turquoise! With its dainty gold chain extender, you can wear this piece longer or as a choker. Either way, it’s vibrant and on trend must-have piece!

Tiffany Bubble Necklace $39 {exclusively at

Tiffany Bubble Necklace $39 {Ivory} Exclusively at

Tiffany Bubble Necklace $39 {Turquoise}

Tiffany Bubble Necklace $39 {Turquoise} Exclusively at

2.) Try a new hairstyle! Experiment with your hair dresser to see if you could pull off a pixie! Shorter hair is so much easier to take care of, but make sure it’s something you can live with until it grows out.

3.)  Have at lease one really good pair of neutral beige heels! Don’t skimp on this one…you WILL regret it after 20 minutes anywhere you are!!

Until next time, we bid you a fond farewell!

Remember we are The ORIGINAL and authentic Trésors De Luxe, baby!


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