L@@K What We Just Found!

As you know by now,  we’re lovers of the CUFF!  Fashion icons who’ve very stylishly worn cuffs throughout the years carry some serious fashion weight. 

A few we should mention: Diana Vreeland who was a legendary editor who wore cuffs on each wrist,  and another was Standard Oil heiress Millicent Rogers who loved them in turquoise, we would assume wearing them as a way to shield herself metaphorically.  Last but not least, let’s not forget Wonder Woman!

These are a few of our newest favorites, including a few of our own!


Alexis Bittar

Trésors De Luxe

Trésors De Luxe


L@@K What We Just Found!

Any woman’s closet isn’t complete without one seriously stylish statement piece.  Alexis Bittar “climbed the highest mountain” here with her “Spiked” cuff bracelet  $245 and to even further glamourize it, she’s added the matching “Spiked” earring, $195. Can’t you just see it…the perfect, white, body hugging Gucci low cut dress, Alexis’s “Spiked” cuff…hello, glam-o-rama!

If  you’ve seen our jewerly collections, you’d know we’re obsessed with mixed metals with rhinestones!  Our “Echo” cuff bracelet $24 and our “Roxy” earring $18 are few of our pieces that are studded with crystal love!



Alexis Bittar Spike Cuff Bracelet $245