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Face Shape: OVAL ~ Which Earrings Best Suit YOU?

This striking photo of Cameron Diaz highlights her natural Oval face shape!

This striking photo of Cameron Diaz highlights her natural Oval face shape!

Here we are on day 2 of uncovering the looks that best suit your face shape! Yesterday we discovered the HEART shaped face is highlighted by the teardrop shaped earring!  The larger the better to evenly proportion your features!  Today we are focusing on the amazing OVAL face shape that so many of us have and love.

Cameron Diaz, Megan Fox and Hillary Duff are just a few of the OVAL face shaped beauties that are lucky enough to be able to wear a multitude of earring styles! This is a face shape where the widest point is just slightly above the midpoint of the face and jaw line that is soft but not too narrow. Dependent upon length of neck and width of shoulders, women with this face shape can wear just about any style of earring. How lucky for them! Here are a few that we are O.I.L. ( officially in love ) over…

Megan Fox has the classic oval shaped face that she wears so well...

Megan Fox has the classic oval-shaped face that she wears so well…

Hillary Duff balances her stunning oval shaped face with plenty of movement with free flowing earrings!

Hillary Duff balances her stunning oval-shaped face with plenty of movement with free-flowing earrings!

Our Alice - Vintage Inspired Black Crystal earring $24

Our Alice – Vintage Inspired Black Crystal earring $24

Our Madison - Two Tone Earring with Australian crystals $28

Our Madison – Two Tone Earring with Australian crystals $28

Helena - Antique Gold Coin earring $24

Our  Helena – Antique Gold Coin free-flowing earring! $24

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Inspired {Layers of Love}

So, the other day we were walking past a magazine stand, and were taken by surprise to see one of our best-selling pieces, the “Madison” earring, on the cover of a top fashion magazine…here, take a peek: http://www.tresorsdeluxe.com/apps/webstore/products/show/3113571 .  We always require authorization before any photo shoot, and our offices had not alerted us of this publication using our items this month, so we researched a little more and discovered they’re almost the exact earring, however they weren’t ours, but  they were over 6 thousand dollars!  So, we were delighted to see that our celebrity stylist, Lori, once again has selected the top current styles for you, and all for under $30!!!  Our customers love this particular style and are sending us positive reviews left and right! So, we encourage you to preview our stylish jewelry collections and buy them while you can still get them.  We carry limited quantities of our bracelet sets, rings, earrings and necklaces, so when they’re gone, they’re gone!

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Stackable rings…

We’re obsessed with these layered beaded, whisper and bangle bracelets…

{ French } Antique Poster Art

These charming vintage illustrations are adorable framed in a guest bedroom, over a work space or hung in any area of your home you’d like a little whimsy!  We’ve had ours for years, they were handed down from generation to generation, and thankfully preserved in linen cloth to retain the vibrant colors!  We encourage you to stroll into flea markets, and little antique shops to discover little gems like these!

 XO ~ Tresors De Luxe

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French postcard illustration 1960’s

French illustration poster! This pieces would look fantastic framed in a kitchen with other whimsical pieces xo


The humble tea-cup, either in porcelain, ceramic or glass, in most cases is not a multipurpose item.  Most people think of it simply as a holder of  hot beverages that we drink from.  Since we’re all about multipurpose pieces, mixing and matching, we wanted to show you a few ideas that we’ve come across that might be fun to try!  We love the antique china tea cups to organize and compartmentalize little accessory items such as rings, small earrings and even for little, easily misplaced items such as safety pins and extra earring backings…we’d love to hear if you give it a try!

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In any drawer, antique china tea cups works as a charming and whimiscal storage area along your bed, in your dresser or closet…

Small cups and dishes placed on your bedside table keep everything at arms reach!

Little tea cups hold a multitude of things…you can find these and other unique holders at antique shops and estate sales!

Je t’aime (love letters)

Je t’aime

Have you ever stumbled across an old love letter?

Did it take you back to that moment in time?

What did you do with it after reading it?

 Fortunately, we’ve found a few a that decided to hold onto theirs…

Try to make time to smell the roses ~ Trèsors De Luxe TDL!