Amazing Architecture! { Modern Ocean City ala Virtuel }

Escape into a luxurious virtual modern ocean side city! CLICK ON PHOTO!!! ^

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Take a break from reality, and let your mind run free in this amazing luxurious modern ocean side city…

Have a treasured day, Trésors De Luxe! (P.S. – turn up the volume!)

We’re O.I.L.( officially in love )

We’ve been wanting to discuss one of the singular most famous architects of the 19th and 20th century, the one and only Antonio Gaudi, for quite some time now.  He now has become an international superstar whose work continues to inspire audiences throughout the world, and whose name evades very few!

Born in Reus, in Catalonia, he graduated in Barcelona in 1878 and this city became the center of his world. One important aspect is his capacity as designer.  This led him to create all those elements making up architectural space – wrought iron, furniture, stained glass, sculptural work, mosaics, ceramics and so on – within an organic and gothic concept of decoration and with the integration of these elements into the construction process.  The sea landscape was one of his most preferred inspirations, which is evident from the constant movement his shapes and angles.

We feel compelled to share just a few of our favorite living and breathing works of art with YOU,  so you can see why we’re O.I.L. with this gothic mastermind and visonary…Mr. Antonio Gaudi.

XO! ~ Trèsors De Luxe!