We’re O.I.L ( officially in love )

We couldn’t tell you how long we’ve been fans of just about everything vintage.  Maybe it comes from watching “Back 2 The Future” too many times, or possibly because of our passion for antique shops, estate sales and the famous State Street in Santa Barbara!  Nevertheless, we wanted to show you our latest vintage fashion advertisements that we’re O.I.L. over!

Christian Dior

Van Raalte


Vogue Cover

Christian Dior

Christian Dior


We love them in brushed gold frames…we’ve taken ours to Aaron brothers and they matted them and “styled” them up for us. (approx. $60 ea.)

XX ~ Trèsors De Luxe!

L@@K What We Just Found!

We are loving all the vibrant colors of the season, Tangerine, Coral, Turquoise and NOW, jewel tones are hitting the stage!  We had to show you this new splash of color in Ippolita Rostagno’s Mini Lollipop bracelet @ Neiman Marcus $4,795.   The light-lauding pieces from her palate call upon the colors, spirit and beauty of  Rostagno’s summers spent on the coast of Italy.  We are captivated by the rich hues and her decadent,  edgy feel that can complement any ensemble!
We also are OBSESSED with our “Liz” multicolored crystal cuff  from our “Park Ave.” collection $24.   The brushed gold and playful Citrine, Peridot, and Violet crystals look stunning on, and were a few of Liz Taylors signature colors! She was the ultimate in glamour, and our inspiration for this piece.  We love one on each arm to punctuate any outfit and look utterly stylish!

Mini Lollipop Bracelet, Riviera Sky $4,795.00

Our "Liz" Multicolored crystal cuff $24