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Over the course of her career, Cher has inspired so many with her multitude of talents, beauty and wit. Her timeless and often revolving image makes us fall in love with her spunk and never-ending vision. Our October Spotlight Items are dedicated to her and all that she … Continue reading

{ CROSSroads }

Ornate jeweled cross necklace pairs with delicate sheer lace for a true chic look!

Ornate jeweled cross necklace pairs with delicate sheer lace for a true chic look!

Crosses have been worn for centuries as art, symbolism, faith and for their beauty…

For many of the Christian faith, the cross is the choice of personal adornment. There are
many different types and styles of cross necklaces ranging from simple polished
styles to extremely embellished designs. One of the most popular is the Maltese cross style
that has accents or focal points of cyrstals, diamond or precious stones!

 We’ve done our research and have highlighted a few her that represent some of the most sought after that we could find from antique shops, estate sales and some that we carry in our online jewelry boutique at savings up to 75% off retail!

Some people gravitate toward a more elaborate and ornate encrusted cross look, which we love! The versatility of the clear stones make our pieces wearable for year and years to come!  We love to hear stories of how our customers hand down their pieces they’ve purchased from us to their daughters, nieces and cousins!  It’s a true testament to our talented stylist how all ages look and feel great in our pieces! We’re SO grateful to be able to experience that with our customers and their families!

So, with all of the many ways you can interpret and wear this timeless symbol, we hope that you’ll find a way to incorporate one or more into your look and pick up a timeless piece for the someone you love, they’ll always remember it was you who started off their CROSS collection!

In great health and joy, TDL!

Old mine Maltese cross circa 1850's

Old mine Maltese cross circa 1850’s

Simone~Deux Maltese cross necklace by Tresors De Luxe $42

Our affordably luxurious Simone~Deux Maltese cross necklace by Tresors De Luxe $42

Antique Maltese cross necklace...stunning!

Antique Maltese cross necklace…stunning!

Our Jostlin - Maltese Cross Necklace 36" delicate chain with amazing charm accents!

Our Jostlin – Maltese Cross Necklace 36″ delicate chain with amazing charm accents!

Evil Eye Jewelry!

Some people say that Evil Eye jewelry is unique, and that it possesses supernatural powers.  It absorbs the negative influences and energies surrounding its wearer and  protects him/her from the evil eye and its harmful consequences.  By  virtue of combating the evil intentions and energies, the Evil eye jewelry is able to achieve happiness, prosperity, professional success, true love, friendship, good health, and several such virtues that one needs to live a happy and contended life.

These days, you’ll see evil eye jewelry on celebrities like the Kardashians, Naomi Campbell, The Housewives of New York and the like…years ago we gave Sharon Osborne one of our pieces during a health scare, she was so gracious and kind! Thanks Sharon xx

We just know that we love it, and our stylist strives to find the most unusual and chic pieces all at affordable prices!

Here’s our latest member to our Athena Collection ~ Aphrodite Blue $20! Also available in Bronze $20!

Live each day to the fullest! ~

NEW! Aphrodite Blue $20!

and in Bronze…

Aphrodite Bronze $20!