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We ♥  a good statement necklace.  However, as the weather warms up, we can sometimes tend to opt for more delicate pieces. A delicate gold or silver necklace adds the perfect touch of sparkle to your summer look!  Check out … Continue reading

French Elegance: Ooh là là

French Elegance!


Find a little elegance in the day to day by incorporating LUXE accent pieces like these!  We love the eclectic feel of mixing and matching, as we do with our LUXE Jewelry Collections, and bring in a “world traveled” feel!  Just like you would decorate your home, you can easily add a bit of French flair to your look, easily, affordably and all from the comfort of your home at our online jewelry boutique!

We LOVE taking  handed down vintage jewelry, and mix it with one of our new pieces!  Find the right look for you and get inspired by some of these gorgeous styles!

Take a look at these fun, flirty French inspired works of art by Trésors De Luxe, Exclusively at and imagine the endlessly chic possibilities!

Venetia Scallop Lace Earring #35

Venetia Scallop Lace Earring #35

Chantilly Lace CZ Necklace $49 "Diamonds By The Inch"

Chantilly Lace CZ Necklace $49 “Diamonds By The Inch”

Lacie Scroll Earring $28

Lacie Scroll Earring $28

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Trésors De Luxe STYLE SECRET #001

so chic! mixing and matching of sorts!

mixing and matching of metals…oh my!

Want to know a tried and tested Trésors De Luxe style secret?  We found a way to LOOK HOT just by doing a few simple things…STACKING & MIXING!  Now, we’re not talking about just any ordinary type of stacking or mixing of bracelets! We’re talking about high-end pieces that look like you spend a fortune, and that’s what we’re all about! Let’s start things off with our crystal Indie bracelet set in either GOLD or SILVER ($24).  The set of 3 bangles can be worn together or individually.  The basic look alone is super cute and you’ve got to love the sound they make when worn together!  However, one of our favorite little fashion styling secrets is to play on the juxtaposition and add in a bold piece to mix up the look.  Not only adding in a stronger piece, but by looking at the character of the piece itself. The ECHO cuff in gun-metal and clear crystals is an edgy and cool statement piece, but paired with this look it quickly transforms into a unique, free-spirited and chic Trésors De Luxe ensemble!  The mixing and matching of metals is SO essential, it is what’s HOT & NOW, so go ahead and get stacking and mixing now at our exclusive LUXE jewelry boutique!

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{ CROSSroads }

Ornate jeweled cross necklace pairs with delicate sheer lace for a true chic look!

Ornate jeweled cross necklace pairs with delicate sheer lace for a true chic look!

Crosses have been worn for centuries as art, symbolism, faith and for their beauty…

For many of the Christian faith, the cross is the choice of personal adornment. There are
many different types and styles of cross necklaces ranging from simple polished
styles to extremely embellished designs. One of the most popular is the Maltese cross style
that has accents or focal points of cyrstals, diamond or precious stones!

 We’ve done our research and have highlighted a few her that represent some of the most sought after that we could find from antique shops, estate sales and some that we carry in our online jewelry boutique at savings up to 75% off retail!

Some people gravitate toward a more elaborate and ornate encrusted cross look, which we love! The versatility of the clear stones make our pieces wearable for year and years to come!  We love to hear stories of how our customers hand down their pieces they’ve purchased from us to their daughters, nieces and cousins!  It’s a true testament to our talented stylist how all ages look and feel great in our pieces! We’re SO grateful to be able to experience that with our customers and their families!

So, with all of the many ways you can interpret and wear this timeless symbol, we hope that you’ll find a way to incorporate one or more into your look and pick up a timeless piece for the someone you love, they’ll always remember it was you who started off their CROSS collection!

In great health and joy, TDL!

Old mine Maltese cross circa 1850's

Old mine Maltese cross circa 1850’s

Simone~Deux Maltese cross necklace by Tresors De Luxe $42

Our affordably luxurious Simone~Deux Maltese cross necklace by Tresors De Luxe $42

Antique Maltese cross necklace...stunning!

Antique Maltese cross necklace…stunning!

Our Jostlin - Maltese Cross Necklace 36" delicate chain with amazing charm accents!

Our Jostlin – Maltese Cross Necklace 36″ delicate chain with amazing charm accents!

On Trend: {Gun-metal}

The hottest looks coming down the Jean Paul Gaultier’s runway this spring at are some of the most intriguing we’ve seen in a long time!  We’re captivated by all the punches of color and in love with the heavy use of gun-metal accessories!  Layers and layers of gunmetal-love, as we see it, make this stunning Jean Paul Gaultier Couture Spring 2013 dress what it is! We love the models hair off her face to let the jewelry do what it does best, SPARKLE!  We’ve been big fans of the muted metal for long time now, as you can see, our celebrity stylist, LORI, has hand selected some of the sleekest pieces so we can offer them to you at a fraction of the price! Our Rockin’ Republic Collection offers a wide selection for you to choose, mix and match and wear for years to come…here are a few of our favorite pieces which are all available at, {while supplies last}…

Jean Paul Gaultier Couture Spring Collection

Jean Paul Gaultier Couture Spring Collection 2013 ~ Layered GUN-METAL!

Our Simone Deux II necklace in gunmetal and gold and sparkling crystals from Austria! $42

Our “Jostline” necklace in gun-metal and gold and sparkling crystals from Austria! $45

Our "Bethenny" necklace in gunmetal and crystals $37

Our “Bethenny” necklace in gun-metal and crystals $37 (available soon!)

Have an amazing day and remember to make time to smell the flowers, especially since Valentine’s Day is right around the corner XO!

The Starter Necklace ~ Layered and FABULOUS!

Different lengths create a fanciful look!

We’re huge fans of the whimsical layered neck-candy look: short, medium and long flirty … just about any length in between too! One of the hottest looks right now is the layered BAR necklace…  They’re dainty, delicate and feminine in gold, silver, brass and/or covered in tiny crystals.  The idea behind a “starter necklace” is you begin with a piece that speaks to you, something with a little sparkle like a simple bar or crescent bar necklace.  Then you add from there…we’ve included a few ideas of ways to create this look. Most of the time, we think the more the merrier, but LOVE them when they’re fabulous enough to stand alone!

  Our latest “Crescent Moon” bar necklace is the ultimate in this look…silver is encrusted with tiny clear crystals and the gold is decorated with iridescent crystals!

Both available in very limited quantities at our online jewelry boutique @

Our newest addition to the ZanzaBAR Collection! “Cresent Moon”in Gold or Silver $28! Click on image..

Custom layered to your liking…

Celebrities love them too…

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