Trésors De Luxe STYLE SECRET #001

so chic! mixing and matching of sorts!

mixing and matching of metals…oh my!

Want to know a tried and tested Trésors De Luxe style secret?  We found a way to LOOK HOT just by doing a few simple things…STACKING & MIXING!  Now, we’re not talking about just any ordinary type of stacking or mixing of bracelets! We’re talking about high-end pieces that look like you spend a fortune, and that’s what we’re all about! Let’s start things off with our crystal Indie bracelet set in either GOLD or SILVER ($24).  The set of 3 bangles can be worn together or individually.  The basic look alone is super cute and you’ve got to love the sound they make when worn together!  However, one of our favorite little fashion styling secrets is to play on the juxtaposition and add in a bold piece to mix up the look.  Not only adding in a stronger piece, but by looking at the character of the piece itself. The ECHO cuff in gun-metal and clear crystals is an edgy and cool statement piece, but paired with this look it quickly transforms into a unique, free-spirited and chic Trésors De Luxe ensemble!  The mixing and matching of metals is SO essential, it is what’s HOT & NOW, so go ahead and get stacking and mixing now at our exclusive LUXE jewelry boutique!

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Inspired {Layers of Love}

So, the other day we were walking past a magazine stand, and were taken by surprise to see one of our best-selling pieces, the “Madison” earring, on the cover of a top fashion magazine…here, take a peek: .  We always require authorization before any photo shoot, and our offices had not alerted us of this publication using our items this month, so we researched a little more and discovered they’re almost the exact earring, however they weren’t ours, but  they were over 6 thousand dollars!  So, we were delighted to see that our celebrity stylist, Lori, once again has selected the top current styles for you, and all for under $30!!!  Our customers love this particular style and are sending us positive reviews left and right! So, we encourage you to preview our stylish jewelry collections and buy them while you can still get them.  We carry limited quantities of our bracelet sets, rings, earrings and necklaces, so when they’re gone, they’re gone!

We also pride ourselves on timely delivery, high quality merchandise and affordable prices!

 Have a luxurious treasure filled day, XO Tresors De Luxe!

Stackable rings…

We’re obsessed with these layered beaded, whisper and bangle bracelets…


We cannot help but to adore these layered bracelets…afterall we’re in the jewelry business, but besides that, they’re just plain AMAZING!

We mix and match gold and silver stacked bracelets with beaded stretch rhinestone pieces, and throw in a chic oversized watch…so chic!

It’s one way to make a statement without saying a word!

Luxury Everyone Can Afford ~ Trèsors De Luxe

Too much is never enough of a good thing!

Our “Echo” cuff! $24 @

Layers and layers of style…

Our “Feathers” bracelet in Onyx $20

Delicate chain bracelets coupled with other fun pieces…mix and match!