{Picasso & Lump}

Picasso and Lump ( his beloved dog )

Picasso and Lump ( his beloved dog )

Picasso, Lump and dinner guest...

Picasso, Lump and dinner guest…

Fish dinner with his canine...

Fish dinner with his canine, Lump!

So many of us know Pablo Picasso as one of the most innovative, unique and creative artists of his time, but not many know of his love for canine companions!  In this photo and drawing, Lump, Picasso’s dog worked his way into his life, art and heart! One of his first pieces was a paper cutout of a boyhood terrier, imagine what that would be worth to ANY art collector! Since we’ve never met a dog lover that we didn’t like, we know we would have LOVED this man…for more information on Lump and his other dogs take a look at this fantastic book ~ Picasso & Lump: A Dachshund’s Odyssey available on Amazon.

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Carved Pencil Art!

We’re O.I.L (officially in love!) It’s not every day that we see something so remarkable that it stops us in our tracks!  These are actual pencils that have been masterfully carved into stunning pieces of art!  Can you imagine the time, patience and eye strength this must have required! Hello!?!  We were so impressed that we wanted to share them with you in hopes that you are inspired to create something you never thought you could do…until now!

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Carved pencil art (hanging heart!)

Carved pencil art (saw!)

Carved pencil art (little boot!)

Carved pencil art (hanging key!)