Multipurpose Your LOOK! By Trésors De Luxe

Chantilly Lace Necklace $49

Chantilly Lace Necklace $49

As lovers of fashion, style and anything GLAM, we LOVE when you can magically transform one piece of jewelry into another. In the case with our newest CZ necklace, the possibilities are endless!  It’s 36″ of sparkling lace CZ’s and can be worn more ways than you think!  Our celebrity stylist has found such unique and fun ways to wear it, we’re going to share a few with you here at Trésors De Luxe!

1.)  Worn long as shown with the 2″ extender for additional sparkle & length!

2.)  Layered with other pieces!

3.)  Drape gently around your neck, letting the remainder drape long.

4.)  Wrapped around your wrist for a LUXE Lace ( our newest collection at  effect!

As a free gift, we’re including additional styling tips with each purchase of our new Chantilly Lace necklace $49 available on our online jewelry boutique!

 Trésors De Luxe


The ORIGINAL Tresors De Luxe, baby!

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