Live. LOVE. Lace, baby! XO

As amazing and loyal friends of our fashion jewelry, lifestyle and holistic health blog, you all know by now that multipurpose-ablility { an original Trésors De Luxe~ism! } is one of our TOP priorities in life!  With that being said, we knew we had to share with you some of the most exquisitely delicious, filigree lace jewelry that stumbled across our desks!  Yes, some pieces are astronomically expensive, yet our affordable jewelry is there to fit your budget and excite your senses all at the same time, so hold on, you’re in for a thrilling ride!  Also, our exclusive jewelry collections are designed to be worn many different ways and mixed and matched to give you the most for your money, so enjoy!

Peace, love, JEWELRY! XO

Trésors De Luxe

 Trésors De Luxe

{A JEWELRY BOUTIQUE} Save up to 75% off retail!

the ORIGINAL Trésors De Luxe (.COM), baby! XO

Amazing LACE jewelry!

Amazing LACE jewelry!

Layers and layers of crystal and metal lacework…

Our Gypsy ring in charcoal rhinestone lace surrounding gun metal and a larger center stone $24 at Trésors De Luxe !

Our Gypsy ring in charcoal rhinestone lace surrounding gun metal and a larger center stone $24 at:       Trésors De Luxe { click on image to view }

The ORIGINAL Trèsors De Luxe, baby! XO

{images via pintrest and Trèsors De Luxe}

2 thoughts on “Live. LOVE. Lace, baby! XO

  1. Love this! TDL always finds a way to show things in a new light, a twist on that which we think we “already know about”. Thank you!!

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