#001 Whole Living: Healthy Holiday TIP

When faced with all the temptation of the holidays, we must remember that: 1.) We are human and 2.) Chocolate isn’t a dirty word! If you can keep those in mind, you can happily coast through this lifetime with a smile on your face. One TIP that we LOVE to use is in any recipe that calls for MILK chocolate, quickly replace it with DARK! This will ensure you’re getting some of those vital antioxidants, even if it’s in a small way, every bit counts. Another TIP we adore is to top your sumptuous dark chocolate baked goodies with fresh berries, the more the merrier. Not only are they packed full of those extremely important antioxidants once again, the berries will give you that tart and tangy finish.

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Dark chocolate and berry baked treats...

Dark chocolate and berry baked treats…

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