L@@K What We Just Found!

The beach is often a place we go to get grounded, centered and calm. It’s hard to beat walking barefoot in the sand, while watching the sun slowly drop below the horizon.  The other day, we found part of what looked like a fossil partially buried in the wet sand.  As I brushed off the seemingly delicate, fragmented bit of rock, I realized how amazing earth’s natural process is, and wondered how long this must have taken to form.

When we got back to the office, we found this striking fossil necklace designed by Kelly Wearstler. We came to discover that the fossil she’s used here is of a real fossilised squid…how cool is that!  We also appreciate her use of muted metals and clean design in her gun-metal cuff…a bit of an industrial feel, which we love since it’s understated and edgy. 

We also have included our “Echo” cuff in a similar shade of gun-metal with rhinestones $24 @ www.tresorsdeluxe.webs.com.  We wear one on each wrist, and it’s a easy way to look sleek and chic…xxxxx

Kelly Wearstler - Devonian Fossil Pendant $345

Kelly Wearstler Perforated Cuff $155

Our Echo cuff gun-metal with clear crystals $24

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