{ Crystals }

There is something magical about crystals, polished gemstones and the way nature creates them!  Some say they carry an energy that soothes, and healers have been known to place them along chakras to open and expand blocked energies. For centuries, people have worn them as protection from evil or negative vibrations.  We LOVE them for many reasons and because they are all unique and unlike any other, like a snowflake! So, here are a few that we are O.I.L with (officially in love) in addition to a few  pieces from our online jewelry boutique @ www.tresorsdeluxe.com!

Have a treasure filled day XO ~ Tresors De Luxe

Our “Christine” turquoise beaded bracelet with irridescent and clear crystals $24

Our “Liz” brushed gold bangle cuff with multi-colored crystals! $24

17 thoughts on “{ Crystals }

  1. Your blog is wonderful. Everytime I. Visit, I feel like I want to travel! That or a nostalgic feeling of my childhood. The colors, fashion,everything. Just wonderful. 🙂

    • Thank you SO much! What a lovely compliment! We’re so happy to hear you find nostalgia here, it’s important to have fond memories of your childhood, and when those moments are reignited, it’s such a great feeling! 🙂

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